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Concrete Fencing Products

We sell a range of concrete fence posts and concrete gravel boards.

Slotted Posts

Slotted Post
For standard domestic fencing panels
Fence Height: 6' (1800mm)
Dimensions: 100x90x2400mm
Other sizes available, including end and corner posts

Gravel Boards

Gravel Boards
For Slotted Posts
Fence Height:Any
Dimensions:6' long (1800mm) x 12"(300mm) x2"(50mm)
Rock face or plain designs

Recessed Posts

Recessed Post
For domestic/commerical close board fencing
Fence Height: 6' (1800mm)
Dimensions:140x115x2400 long
All other sizes available

Gravel Boards

Gravel Boards
For use with recessed posts
Fence Height:Any
Dimensions:150 x 50 x 3000 long

Repair Spurs

Repair Spur
To reinforce timber posts
Fence Height:Any
Dimensions:75 x 35 x 1050 long
Other sizes available

You can download this information as a PDF flyer.